Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

The Discover. Attract. Engage. model is my approach to understanding where you and your business are in terms of your talent acquisition and recruitment challenges. Each phase takes you and your recruitment process beyond the traditional recruitment thinking of ‘how do we encourage more people to apply to our opportunities’.

Discover #1 (3)

The Discover phase asks the simple question:- “How do people discover our brand / business?” and is supported by a diagnostic process to review your current social media channels, message to market and employee value proposition.

Attract #2 (3)

The Attract phase assesses the effectiveness of your current recruitment model and supporting processes (i.e. direct sourcing versus 3rd party delivery) and the end-to-end candidate experience.

Engage #3 (3)

The Engage phase focuses on the planning behind hiring, market knowledge, talent pipelines, partner ecosystem and helping you establish or build upon your in-house talent acquisition function.

This includes:

  • Time to Hire
  • Delivery ROI
  • Systems and Tools
  • Preferred Supplier Agreements
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Events Management
  • Recruitment Planning and Forecasting

How do we start the conversation? 

As a starting point, I always offer a 30-minute free consultation meeting to discuss your current challenges and vision. From this initial engagement, ideally over a flat white coffee, I’m confident I’ll be able to provide a solution that will meet (and ultimately exceed) your requirements.

What can I deliver for you? 

Please see below an overview of all the areas of talent acquisition and recruitment I have experience of delivering for my clients:

What do I deliver_ (2)

Contact me

Please feel free to contact me on glenn@glennnetworks.com or call me on +44 (0) 7834 786 889 for an introductory contact.

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