Interview Survey Results: 2018 versus 2019

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What is this survey?

This survey was created as part of my on-going research into the job interview and my attempt to answer one question – “Has the job interview format changed that much?”.

The reason for the question is twofold; 1). there has been a proliferation of technology that has been created to support, automate and replace the ‘human element’ of the interview process. 2). the traditional interview focuses on skills and experience is now being disrupted with the incorporation of the assessment of soft skills, behavioural and motivational drivers and, the often referenced, ‘future potential’.

What is the target audience for this information?

This survey is for you if you’re an In-House Talent Acquisition Professional, Agency Recruiter, HR Professional, Hiring Manager or RPO Manager, as it will inform your planning for 2019.

The challenges of a rapidly changing demand for talent requires the practitioners within talent acquisition and recruitment to be constantly reviewing and iterating their end-to-end process and experience for potential employees – the interview is a critical factor in the hiring of great people for your business.

Here’s the link: The Interview Survey Results: 2018 versus 2019