Barcelona – Graff is Good!

Off Carrer del Mar near the Plaza de San Miguel

Thierry Noir

I was in Barcelona this last weekend for a very good friend’s weekend away before he get’s married – kudos to him for choosing such a great location for the trip! Well done Byron!

On the way to the hotel from the airport I started to see quite a few examples of a graff art scene that was clearly very much alive in Barcelona; even in the central areas such as La Rambla. Most interesting to note for me, as a graff hunter, were two very familiar artists; firstly Thierry Noir –  I quite literally stumbled across the piece (above and below) in a small square tucked just off a main tourist pathway. A great find!

Off Carrer del Mar near the Plaza de San Miguel


Shortly after discovering Thierry Noir, I walked past another familiar artist to me – Noriaki – another graff artist that is very visible and prominent on the walls of East London in the Brick Lane area. With regards to the artwork below, I found it off the usual tourist beat in a connecting alleyway – it was only because the work is that distinctive that it’s easily recognisable immediately.

Alleyway called Placa de Joaquim Xirau between La Rambla and Passatage dels Escudellers

The Streets Are Alive

Tagging is a popular graff art in Barca central; as it’s quick and easy and the sites for some of the tagging were public areas that would be prone to a security camera or two, I was pleased to see so much expressive work.

Corner of Carrer de Ginebra and Carrer de I’Atlantida
Carrer de la Tapineria on the back of the G-Star RAW store

Throw-ups also get threaded into the fabric of the tourist tracks as I noted with the following work.

Along the Carrer del Cometa
Along the Carrer de Lledo

Political statements seem to be made more through Posters (paste-ups) or Stencil art; given the current independence vote and the resulting brutality of the nationalist Spanish police, there was quite a limited number of references to it in the graff art I noted other that the pieces below;

Along Carrer de la Comtessa de Sobradiel
At the junction of Carrer de Fontanella and Via Laietana

You might have noted the Police motorcycle parked in the background of this photo; the Police had started to block off roads in the centre of Barcelona to accommodate the protests that where ongoing. My personal observation is that this past off very peacefully in the centre and perhaps this is a contrast to what has been reported in the press over the weekend.

The most amusing ‘heaven’ I saw over the weekend was on the derelict building opposite my hotel, it must have been about 10-12 storeys up and was just really simple, however, so amusing. Even with the netting that had been placed over the front of the building, it was easy to see and made me smile when I glanced up and saw it.

Along Via Laietana opposite the Exe Laietana Palace Hotel

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