The spectre of Google?


The beginning of Google-doom?

Folks, it’s time to sit-up and listen as Google are now serious about the talent acquisition and recruitment industry; the June 20th official release of Google for Jobs and Google Hire into the US market could well be seen as the catalyst for major change in the industry.

What, you may ask, is the reason(s) for Google to focus on the job market and hiring process? – the two that have been quoted, with quite a degree of consistency by anyone Google, are (*with a slight paraphrase);

  1. The job search process currently provides a poor experience for the job seeker and Google for Jobs aims to increase the chances of discovery and conversion for the job seeker; the net result for the hiring manager is more motivated applicants.
  2. Google Hire is a collaborative tool that increases collaboration and communication internally (hiring manager and recruitment team) which has the result of quicker feedback and communication externally (job seeker); thereby improving the overall experience for both.

And this is what Google does very well – using technology, in this case AI and machine learning tech, to provide an efficient solution. And that’s exactly why the UK talent acquisition and recruitment market should be taking note of the activity in the USA.

Google Hire (or ‘Hire’ as it’s being referred to) has been in beta-test for 12-months across a diverse number of industry sectors with about 100 companies from car dealerships, to pizza chains to plumbing companies participating. The driver behind this diversification was to ensure that Hire could deliver value in very different sectors and the output of the Hire beta-test has so far validated the hypothesis of quicker communication. With 75% of Hiring Managers providing feedback to applicants or interviewees within 48-hours, that’s impressive by any standard!

Anarchy in the UK

As both Google for Jobs and Google Hire are both currently active only in the USA, I’m predicting that the UK will an official launch in early 2018 with Google for Jobs being released first and Google Hire following in the latter part of Q1 2018. My rationale is based on the fact that Google will want to index job seeker search and application behaviour first to ascertain any regional nuances that need to be considered for Hire before it’s released.






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