“Not ranked”

Has your podcast ever received a poo emoji?



1. Build

Feedback to date

It’s been 28 days since the posting of my first podcast on Anchor FM and the learnings and feedback to date has been a combination of ‘favouriting’ from fellow members of the Anchor FM community, a few ‘claps’ for song choices; my last podcast on Sunday this week actually managed to inspire some unknown individuals to post poo, wastepaper basket and TV emojis across certain sections of the podcast — I have found all these reactions fascinating in equal measure.

2. Measure

1st Podcast — Candidate=Individual

Reflecting on the sections of the podcasts that generated the responses, I managed to engage 3 listeners for about 20% of my first podcast and then I retained 2 listeners for a further section before retaining 1 loyal listener for just over 50% of the podcast itself — my first reflection is this…was that first podcast too long?

15 sections (9 voice content, 4 tracks, 2 interludes). 3 Listeners.

2nd Podcast — Reflections on the 1st podcast

This podcast retained 1 listener for over 50% of the podcast upon which a wastepaper basket emoji was posted onto the section; listening to that section again I was discussing knowing what to say on a podcast — as in preparing your content and dialogue before recording. Perhaps this was too much of an obvious statement for more seasoned podcaster? Having said that, my rationale for posting that section was to help others (like me) who’ve just started out — should I have made this more clear?

13 sections (7 voice content, 6 tracks). 1 Listener.

3rd Podcast — GROW Model (unfinished)

I experimented with adding a ‘guest appearance’ into this podcast; Alexa, my Amazon Echo Voice Assistant — zero listeners. Also, I didn’t actually finish the podcast owing to time constraints and left it opened ended — no surprise then that this was not particularly compelling listening.

7 sections (4 voice content, 3 tracks). 0 Listeners.

4th Podcast — Seattle

I went for a more personal subject matter on this recording as I was feeling reflective after falling down the stairs in my house in the morning; thinking about it now, I was probably still suffering the after effects of mild concussion as I recorded this podcast while sitting downwind on my local seafront — the result — a completely inaudible podcast! Lesson learnt.

10 sections (5 voice content, 5 tracks). 0 Listeners.

5th Podcast — Mindset and the GROW Model (revisited)

This podcast was recorded the day after the ‘Seattle’ recording; this time, indoors! The subject matter for this 5th offering was feedback on a recent application I’d made to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (*as a context for a broader observation about individual engagement), a definition of mindsetand acknowledging my colleague Dr Tim Sparkes and detailing the ‘G’ in the GROW Model which actually stands for ‘Goal’. Again, the end result was the same — zero listeners!

15 sections (8 content, 6 tracks, 1 break). 0 Listeners.

The Charts

Additionally, in this time I have remained ‘Not ranked’ in the ‘The Charts’ and I have been interested to understand what other podcasts are gaining traction and comparing them (if relevant) to my own. A sample of the top 10 are as follows:

  • mrbrown — Blogfather of Singapore, satirist, writer, traveler, photographer, cyclist, gamer, and podcaster
  • Daily Tech Headlines — Award-winning podcaster Tom Merritt gives you all the tech news you need each day in five minutes
  • Hocc — Hocc, goomomoom 99 bag generator, welcome to kick tube.
  • Progress Daily Show — (no description)
  • Politics Explained — The Opposite of Fake News. Political Scientist Ian Shapiro explains what is truly happening and what it means.
  • The Internet Today — Brandon Bigley finds the best stuff on the internet so you don’t have to.
  • Science Rundown — Daily science & healthy news stories curated by pracademic & science enthusiast Pedro Flores, MAS, PhD Student
  • Newest Latest Best — Jeff Cannata delivers the newest info, latest releases & best stuff in Video Games
  • Nate Punzalan — A Filipino YouTuber still seizing that carpe diem!
  • Sam Sheffer — (no description)


What do these podcast have that my current podcasts don’t appear to have?

  • They are shorter than mine in terms of timeline
  • They have a specific subject matter that is the basis for the podcast (i.e. Science, Tech News, Apple news)
  • Not have music tracks inserted into them; however, outside the Top 10 there are podcast channels dedicated purely to music
  • More production (i.e. breaks, interludes and personalised intro’s)


  • Change my Bio — it’s not relevant to the subject matter of my podcasts
  • Change the background colour from a blue/purple to red (*might make a visual difference)
  • Shorten the length of my podcasts to 5–7 minutes
  • Less musically interludes (perhaps)
  • Implement these changes and review after 1-week

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