JeezusBot — The Pivot (Part 3)

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Three days of action and the results

Tuesday 20th June 2017

Before my three days of action started, I had a lunchtime meeting with a Product Manager and friend; he’s currently transforming a London-based vehicle hire firm by delivering their enterprise app offering. This chap knows his Product design (*and he’s got great recommendations for new music); so the focus of the meeting — Who? What? Why?

These principles may be common place for you Product professional folks, however, to me this resonated as my process of simplifying JeezusBot was about answering a simple question of his ‘best use’.

Wednesday 21st — Friday 23rd June 2017

The simple answer to the ‘Who?’ question is; everyonethe ‘Why?’ I can answer by saying — I believe it’s possible to eliminate the use of the common CV.

Eliminating the use of the common CV was the reason I created JeezusBot; he was to act as a virtual curator to help individuals learn more about me and contact me. Essentially, I was exploring the value of a ‘virtual CV’ that was more interactive and personal in terms of engagement. I now think that this would have to be more of a platform-play / marketplace idea and it would need scale to execute properly. Additionally, the interaction with JeezusBot was quite low, hence the need to pivot.

Action 1: Search for data and insight

A constant through this pivot stage is the requirement to gather more data and insight; for this reason, I decided to run a promoted Twitter campaign to understand where the chatbot conversations are happening and who is having them. This campaign ran throughout the 3 days of action (21st-23rd June) and I actually promoted an original blog post I’d written about the creation of JeezusBot and the results where as follows;

  • Tweet Impressions = 11,147
  • Tweet Engagements = 163
  • Engagement Rate = 1.46%
  • Clicks = 69
  • Media Engagements = 93
  • Top 4 countries for Impressions = Portugal (6,500), France (2,798), Ireland (1,306) and Germany (291) — the UK came in 5th place (143) followed by the USA (109).
  • Top 4 Keywords Impressions = AI (9,720), Persona (4,833), Artificial Intelligence (477) and then finally chatbots / chatbot (204)
  • Top 4 Interests Impressions = Comedy; Movies & Television (7,485), Music (7,389), Action & Adventure (6,289) and Comedy; Hobbies & Interests (6,279)
  • Impressions Female/Male = Male (5,910) and Female (4,521)


  • Portugal is a country where chatbots are a subject to conversation
  • The UK is not a country that appears to be part of the chatbot conversation at present
  • Artificial intelligence is clearly a hot (super-hot!) topic
  • The female/male impressions regarding the topic were that far apart — a positive sign!
  • Comedy and Hobbies & Interests — not entirely sure what to make of this insight at this stage; however, perhaps chatbots are perceived as still ‘social’ as opposed to ‘business orientated’?
  • My content (blog post) wasn’t that interesting or my expectation is too high given the resulting engagement rate

Just as an FYI to anyone wondering about the inclusion of the keyword ‘Persona’ into the campaign, I added this because of the company Persona who build chatbots for celebrities such as Katy Perry.

Action 2: Exploring Alexa Skills

As part of my research into the new user journey when looking for a new career opportunity, I’ve registered to develop a ‘Skill’ for the Amazon Echo voice recognition assistant, Alexa.

I’m now in the process of starting talks with a developer to guide me through the more technical implications of creating a ‘Skill’ for the platform; at this stage, there appears to be no other options for job search advice or options.

Action 3: Networking & connecting

Interestingly, a meeting this week has resulted in the suggestion that JeezusBot becomes a ‘social’ character (as opposed to functionally for business); and it’s linked to one of my personal interests; graffiti art. Having checked Botlist just before posting this blog, there hasn’t been a chatbot created specifically for graffiti art.

I’m also in the process of setting-up a call with the CEO of a recognised technology solution provider to discuss a recruitment chatbot proposition; this is a business related conversation, however, it does present an opportunity to learn more about the landscape of chatbots for talent acquisition.

Summary of the 3 days of action

At this stage, it feels like the 3 days past and I didn’t achieve a huge amount; however, that is subjective as my expectation was perhaps misaligned. If I look at it objectively, I have more insight that will shape my thinking about target markets in terms of geography, areas of interest and the current hot topic of the moment — AI. In addition, I have another avenue to explore in more detail for the use of JeezusBot — graffiti art.

So what next? — I need to set myself a ‘re-launch’ date!

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