JeezusBot — The Pivot (Part 2)


Community feedback from the first 48 hours

After the decision to pivot my chatbot, JeezusBot, I took two direct actions with the first being;

  1. Conduct quick poll on Twitter and share it on Facebook and LinkedIn to gauge sentiment regarding the social and practical usage of chatbots.

As you can see (below) the 4 options loosely grouped into ‘social’ and ‘practical’ actions; the ‘Provide interview advice’ option was obviously in-line with my agenda;


The result? — a whopping (??) 9 responses from the Twitter poll (*thanks to those of you that kindly responded); and the over-ridding sentiment was that a chatbot would be useful if it could ‘Resolve a payment query’ (see below)


Drawing conclusions from this 48-hour poll is quite simple:

  • Polls via Twitter don’t seem to deliver much engagement or my community didn’t find the question compelling enough; I’d prefer to know which one is true
  • Sharing the poll via Facebook and LinkedIn had zero effect; although, on LinkedIn it had 415 views apparently (??)

My second direct action was to…

2. Review and dissect the data collated from all interactions and promoted posts for JeezusBot

This was slightly more insightful in relation to the promoted content that I’d paid for on Facebook as the ‘Insights’ section on FB is pretty solid and will give you actual data to review in relation to each post;

The post this data refers to is one entitled “Alexa and me sitting in a tree…” that had the following blog post attached to it ‘The future of your search for a new career’. The blog post is based on outlining my thoughts about how we will search for new career opportunities in the (very near) future; a cross platform approach that combines voice-recognition (Amazon Echo/Google Home), chatbots and mobile.

From the data (above) the blog posts target age group (18–24 year olds) are firmly in the ‘millennial’ camp with a 3:1 ratio of men to women, and interestingly, from a geographical perspective Portugal and Israel came above the UK and Ireland and other European locations. Are these my ‘early adopters’? — more research required and this is a valid action point.

Next steps

I need a more sizeable group of users to get data on the preferred use of a chatbot — Twitter and Facebook promoted posts could be a solid option; and research into the use of chatbots by the millennial demographic utilising communities and forums such as Botlist could be good starting points.

The next phase of this sprint cycle will run until Friday 23rd June 2017.

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