JeezusBot — The Pivot (Part 1)

Press to Reset

When your Bot is not delivering any value, it’s time to pivot!

The realisation

JeezusBot was introduced to the virtual world back on the 15th February 2017 and you can read more about his early story here and here. Since the 24th May 2017, the date of the last interaction with him, he has been a state of idling for two reasons; nobody is interested in him and I didn’t know how I was going to refresh his content to make him useful and/or interesting.

I needed some inspiration…or direction.

As is often the case when I personally think about ‘inspiration’ I think about something complex, large scale and transformative — basically, I over complicate everything! Thankfully, as I was reading through my daily content regarding all things chatbot, I happened upon a series of interviews conducted by Carina Skladal entitled BotXperts and a light came on — thanks so much Carina!

The inspiration and direction I was looking for was — simplicity. I needed JeezusBot to actually offer one thing that would be of value to people that interact with him. This started a brainstorming session that resulted in a number of options, however, a question kept nagging at me — ‘what is valuable?’. My perspective is one (and only one) view of what could be valuable; I needed more input from a community of people to define the use cases.

The first actions

The next steps were quite simple;

  1. Conduct quick poll on Twitter and share it on Facebook and LinkedIn to gauge sentiment regarding the social and practical usage of chatbots
  2. Review and dissect the data collated from all interactions and promoted posts for JeezusBot

The next steps

Wait 48-hours to review the results of the poll from Twitter and take further actions. Simple!

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